Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lensman Movie

Lensman MovieThe Lensman series, the serial science fiction space opera by Edward Elmer 'Doc' Smith, is going to be brought to the big screen. Scriptwriter J. Michael Straczynski (who created the Babylon 5 TV series) is indeed working on the script of a live-action movie adaptation of Lensman, and I heard that Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures are also involved in the project.

The wise Arisians created the Lens, a tool that focuses thought the way a lens focuses light, in order to stand up to the evil Eddorians, power-hungry invaders from another universe, because in spite of their great power, they alone could not vanquish the Eddorian menace. And it is the Arisians's plan that a son of mankind will wear the lens to defeat the Eddorians."

Scriptwriter J. Michael Straczynski talked about his take on Lensman:

"We're looking to do new things with effects, and of course with Ron Howard involved it's always going to be character-oriented, so we combine what you can do with effects these days with a really strong character story...
I think it really does create that world and what's cool about it is all the character stuff that's in there now. It's just the sheer scope and scale of it, which is what the Doc Smith books were always about to me to a large extent; the scale was insane. We found ways to really dramatize that."
Scriptwriter J. Michael Straczynski

He has since revealed that he intends to focus on the story of Kimball Kinnison.

I was fan of Babylon 5 so I really hope that J. Michael Straczynski will be able to caryy out this project. I definitely want to see the Lensman movie!